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Online and offline Marketing Consulting

We are a boutique company with very high standards. We design custom strategies that will give you a clear advantage over your competition and help you sustain that advantage over time. You will have a hard time finding the same level of competency, and quality of service elsewhere. We will first discuss your goals and determine if we can meet them. We will give you realistic expectations and a clear road map and time table of when your expectations will be met. We are conservative in our projections and thrive to under-promise and over-deliver.

Review your marketing strategies with a comprehensive consultation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First you must be visible to your target market when they are searching. That means you want to be found on the first page of engine tools for the search terms that pertain to your business. This is our goal and we can do it! Be visible for your clients and business partners.

Online Advertising

Casum offers advertising services and information products as well as digital information management services and digital information products to our clients. We can offer wide range of our advertising services on our web pages and worldwide. All packages can be suit to your requests. We can provide full support in advertising, creativity concept, solutions and with modern approach and standards.

Web site Design

Our ability to design and build websites is a cornerstone of our business,but our approach makes the difference between a commodity and a high-return investment. We believe that all websites should be able to pay for themselves by driving business growth. At the inception of any project, we’ll walk through the strategy and determine how best to exploit our tools and techniques to meet your business ambitions. This is the point at which we set expectations, define success criteria and plan how best to do every single web page for our clients !


We can offer:

•Identify clear opportunities and areas for improvement

•Help you develop a strategic marketing plan that supports your business strategy

•Carry out professional market research and present you with valuable information on your customers, competitors and markets

•Focus on your corporate branding to create a powerful brand that attracts and retains customers

•Guide you through a structured approach to new product or service development that can be used again and again.

•Expert led PR campaigns to create brand buzz

Don’t make the same mistakes as everyone else. Learn from the experts who have seen and turned around the good, the bad and the ugly of marketing.

Our team of professionals can help satisfy your success criteria and most importantly ensure your project will come in on time and on budget.

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