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Casum helps you how to reach new markets

The future is all about connectedness. Online and offline social networks are getting deeper engrained in society. People start to grasp new opportunities of connectedness every time. Meet the right people and companies for the right reasons. Casum team of experts can provide you a full support. We can schedule meetings in advance with companies that can help you meet strategic, business objectives and new opportunities on new markets. These fast-paced exchanges will help pave the way for increased capital, revenue, and strategic alliances in your business. Start growing and achieve new markets in Europe and in SE Europe (Adriatic region).

Casum team of experts, with the support of our partners will set up your new connections. We will select companies to meet with you based on the preferences you, and they, described in your respective surveys.

Our special services can help you in different areas. We can support you in searching for capital / investment, revenue, distribution and strategic partnership opportunities in Europe, as well as those companies who are providing those opportunities. Our clients will have individual consulting for funding or business development support and will make short presentations to representatives from companies that closely meet their funding/strategic objectives and marketing solutions for new markets.

Our services:

  • -Find investment opportunities by talking to venture and strategic investors
  • -Gauge the licensing and distribution opportunities for your content and technology products and services
  • -Meet top executives and interact with companies to develop strategic relationships

...we can also:

  • -Discover new products or companies with business models that fit investment portfolios or strategic relationship needs
  • -Discuss content and technology licensing possibilities with potential partners
  • -Hear directly from top executives, ask questions, and interact with company officials
  • -Connecting companies and business between European countries and out of Europe
  • -Business, marketing and finance consulting (ALL in one for small and medium size companies)
  • -Business growth
  • -Reaching new markets
  • -Advertising and PR
  • -Event management
  • -Representing companies in Europe, NZ, AU, Canada & USA.


 Connect with the right persons and achieve new markets. We can do it as your partner, consultant and guide.

Connecting companies

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