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Our focus is to provide our clients sales, marketing, business development skills and resources to achieve profitable sales growth on new markets. Our solutions are based on improving what you already do and adding new marketing strategies and business development tools and expertise to achieve business growth in a manageable and cohesive way.

As a boutique consultancy we offer a broad range of experience and skills to our clients. With diverse backgrounds we bring to our clients wide range of experiences in roles as diverse as business consulting, marketing consulting, online marketing, distribution, IT, commercial management, customer service, graphic design, online marketing, copywriting and International Sales.

When it comes to business growth we have the skills, experience and track records in-house to help you achieve your goals.

Our Passion

We like nothing more than seeing our customers enjoy the success of their own hard work and perseverance. It's what drives us every day and we take great pride in as a part of their evolution.

Experiences and Tradition

During time, Casum have been successful in providing clients with direction, strategic marketing and sales solutions, and helping to achieve growth in local, national and export markets.

As a customer you will enjoy a fresh and practical approach in business. We use plain language and simple but effective analysis to identify quick wins, opportunities to be maximised and to secure financial and resource support where needed.

We don't promise unrealistic improvements to your business, but we will hit the ground running, add value to your business quickly with results to match.

We do promise to listen, not being shy from asking difficult questions, challenge, understand and provide a clear analysis and roadmap for the business.

Whatever challenges your business faces or whatever opportunities you want to exploit, our goal is to assist in the development and implementation of a cohesive approach to business growth and improvements. We will help to develop the business improvement strategies to ensure your business is stronger, focused and strategically placed to take advantage of the business opportunity.

We welcome the opportunity to talk business with you and we offer a free consultation to all businesses. We can find together a perfect solution for every business and request.

The differential value Casum offers in the marketplace is our ability to obtain results, satisfy our clients and our proven ability to identifying business benefits.

What we can offer:

- Casum business consulting executes corporate strategy, business consulting process engineering projects, connecting companies, representing companies and products and/or distributing products. It's activity is focused on sectorial knowledge, service innovation and vertical specialization with modern approach and innovative solutions.

- Casum solutionsare dedicated to the definition, design and implementation of technological solutions and outsourcing management and operations (applications, infrastructure and processes). In order to accomplish this, Casum delivers the best methodologies in order to assure the quality and partnership with world-class solutions and deep vertical expertise.

- Casum operations are based on the use of high performance. Our services has been in operation for several years and has both the structure and capabilities necessary for executing tasks and is designed to achieve a high level of both efficiency and productivity. Currently, Casum has high performance team in Europe and Offshore, providing a credible, scalable and cost effective alternative to our clients.

- Casum focuses its attention on the rendering of outsourced business process services using service level agreements. This allows our clients to take advantage of a greater degree of internal capability along with increased control over service quality and related costs.

- Casum initiatives is focused on various market realities in order to channel and launch new businesses in which we can invest along with our clients.

Casum provides to our employees a highly entrepreneurial environment (based on the shared ownership schema and autonomy to decide and execute), a professional career (based on different professional paths with yearly objective appraisals and promotions supervised by individual mentoring) in a team working, non-hierarchical and open organization (partnership model).

We are connecting business and people!

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